Minute Kiln

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Fire pottery at home in minutes, not hours! Free access to Live and recorded Smashed Studio classes for inspiration, instruction and Q&A.  Microwave kiln is available in 2 sizes:

  • Standard - 7 2/3"W X 4 1/3"H with an interior fusing platform of 4 3/4"
  • Double - 7 2/3"W X 8 2/3"H with an interior fusing platform of 4 3/4"

Make pottery and fuse glass using your microwave and our Minute Kiln.

  • Create small handmade pottery like ring dishes, candleholders, pots and incense burners. Great for small fused glass pendents, earrings and jewelry.
  • Small and compact, safe, environmentally friendly, energy saving and convenient.
  • Requires a microwave oven with power of at least 1100 Watts for the best results. The Double Kiln requires a microwave with interior dimensions of 10"H or more and 1200 Watts for best results.

THIS IS NOT A TOY! NOT FOR CHILDREN. Microwave Kiln and its contents can reach temperatures of 1400ºF - 2000ºF which is extremely hot.

Temperatures this high can cause serious bodily harm and property damage if not handled properly. Keep kiln away from children and pets while fusing and cooling. Carefully read all instructions before using the Microwave Kiln.