Smashed Studio City Centre


Our 1-hour pottery wheel sessions are designed to be a fun, low-commitment way to try throwing pottery. Perfect for Girls Night Out, Showers, Date Night, Team-Building or Treat Yourself!

Each session includes step-by-step instruction so you can create functional pottery using the potter's wheel. No experience needed.

No Experience Needed.
BYOB 21+


Plan to arrive at the studio early. Traffic can add delays to your travel time. There are many restaurants, bars and retail stores within close proximity to the studio, a perfect way to start or end your pottery experience!

Allow 20-30 minutes for parking and walking to the studio. Our classes run the full length of the class, if you are late, you will not be able to join the session. Visit our studio page for directions, parking and wayfinding.

Read our refund and cancellation policy.

Sessions are BYOB for 21 and up.

You will get messy from the elbows down. So short sleeves or sleeves you can roll up are recommended. Don't wear watches or bracelets, rings are ok.

Keep in mind that you will need to straddle the pottery wheel, so leggings or comfortable pants are suggested.

Sometimes shoes can get splashed with water or clay so you can either take them off or wear shoes that you don't mind getting messy.

Clay doesn't typically stain clothes but we do have a limited number of aprons available if needed.

Making handmade pottery does require the use of tools and equipment that can cause injury. All studio guests will be required to sign a liability release.


Smashed Clay projects and experiences are designed using our proprietary method, techniques and tools to help jumpstart your project.

However, it takes years to learn the art of handmade pottery. While we hope your finished project turns out exactly as you envisioned, there is no guarantee that your handmade pottery will make it through the entire process and/or result in what you set out to make.

Thick pottery may take longer to dry. Pottery that is too thick, too thin or constructed in a manner that creates stress during the drying or firing process may crack, break or explode. Pottery can take 2-3+ weeks to dry, prepare and bisque fire. You can monitor the status of on our website.

Yes! We love kids in the studio. Book your experience before 7pm and be prepared to provide hands on help for kids 8 and under. Children under 12 cannot be left unattended in the studio.

Whether you are on the far side of town or the other end of country, don't worry if you can't make it back to pick up your fired pottery. We offer shipping!