Hand-Building Experiences


At our Smashed Sugar Land Studio, use small batch production tools to make handmade pottery. Book now and choose your project when you arrive.

Experiences starting at $38. No experience needed. BYOB 21 and up.

How Does it Work?

Hand-building is a fun experience where you will make handmade pottery sitting at a workbench instead of the potters wheel. Projects are made using slabs of clay and our small batch production tools.

Hand-building experiences are great if you want more control over the finished project or would like to make something unique in shape.

What Will I Make?

We offer several themed projects to select from wher you arrive. You can also choose to make functional pottery like ring dishes, plates, bowls, mugs and other items. Our Studio Artists will introduce you to hand-building and will guide you through process to create your project.

You can also personalize your project by adding surface decoration.

Handmade pottery will remain in the studio for 2-3 weeks to dry and bisque fire in the kiln. Once bisque fired, your can return to the studio and apply a ceramic glaze to add color and shine. Glazed pottery will require a second firing.

Tell Me More About the Sessions.

In these sessions, you and your guests get to roll up you sleeves and get hands messy with clay while your artist-instructor guides you through the steps of making handmade pottery.

You’ll create your pottery at a workbench.

Classes are about two hours from the time you arrive until you leave. Sessions are BYOB for 21 and up.

Will I get messy? What should I wear?

Unlike our pottery wheel experiences, you will not get very messy. Short sleeves or sleeves you can roll up are recommended. You will be sitting on a bar stool or standing, so comfortable shoes are suggested.

Clay doesn't typically stain clothes but we do have a limited number of aprons available if needed.


What Else Do I Need to Know?


Smashed Clay projects and experiences are designed using our proprietary method, techniques and tools to help jumpstart your project.

However, it takes years to learn the art of handmade pottery. While we hope your finished project turns out exactly as you envisioned, there is no guarantee that your handmade pottery will make it through the entire process and/or result in what you set out to make.

Thick pottery may take longer to dry. Pottery that is too thick, too thin or constructed in a manner that creates stress during the drying or firing process may crack, break or explode. Pottery can take 2-3+ weeks to dry, prepare and bisque fire. You can monitor the status of on our website.