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This kit includes 2.5 pounds real red clay, 2.5 pounds natural white clay and hand-building tools: 2 stencils, One clay cutter.

Our colored clay is super smooth, de-aired mid-range clay. Mix and match colors. For best results, soft bisque fire to cone 04-05 and glaze fire to cone 5.

Because clays are mixed in small batches, there may be slight differences in colors between batches. If you need a large quantity of a specific color, please contact us.

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Smashed Clay

Common Questions

What can you make with 5 lbs of colored clay?

Depending on thickness and size, you can make:

  • 5 8oz mugs
  • 2 salad plates
  • 1 dinner plate
  • 1 large teapot
  • 1 wine decanter
  • many other items

What's to love about pugged clay?

Clay sold in 2.5 and 5 pound pugs. Pugs are 3 inches in diameter, perfect size for throwing without pre-wedging or slice in half lengthwise for slab rolling.

Clay is mixed and de-aired two times before pugging meaning you can spend little to no time wedging. View MSDS using link provided.

Air dry or fire?

Our clay fires up to cone 5. Bisque fires to a nice light color, color intensifies with glaze and/or higher temperatures.

Use Mayco Elements fir best results at cone 04- cone 5.