Sky Blue Smashed Clay

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Want to incorporate color into your hand built or thrown pottery? Exhausted from mixing and wedging stains into clay to get the colors you want? Try our double-mixed, de-aired and pugged colored clays perfect for Marble, Agateware, Nerikomi, & Neriage clay work. Experiment with glazes on this colored surface to achieve interesting results. Fires up to cone 5, lightly textured.

  • Super creamy texture with consistent color feels good in your hands while you work.

  • Double mixed for consistent coloring throughout clay body.

  • De-aired means little to no wedging so you can starting making pottery right away.

  • Ready to use for perfect for Marble, Agateware, Nerikomi, & Neriage clay work.

  • Bisque fires to a nice light color, color intensifies with glaze and/or higher temperatures.

  • Make colored pinch pots, bowls, coiled pots, slab work and more.

  • Blend with our white clay to create endless tints or mix colors to create almost any color.


Because clays are mixed in small batches, there may be slight differences in colors between batches. If you need a large quantity of a specific color, please contact us.