Planning Your Experience

We’re so excited you've booked an experience at Smashed Studio and can't wait to see what you create!

Please review the important information below before your scheduled experience.

We cannot accept late arrivals.

Plan to arrive at the studio 20-30 minutes before your class time. Parking and walking to the studio can take 15-20 minutes or longer. There are several restaurants and coffee shops in the plaza to visit while waiting for your session to start. 

Free, Paid and Valet parking is available. You can visit our website for tips on finding the studio.

Because we have limited space and we are reserving your spot in the class, we do not provide refunds for cancellations without advanced notice (24 hours).

If you can’t make it to your appointment, you may reschedule it to a later time. We do not provide refunds for rescheduled appointments.

Please wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to straddle the wheel and it helps to have long hair tied back. Aprons are available but you will get dirty from the elbows down; short sleeves are recommended. Avoid watches, bracelets and long necklaces.

Making handmade pottery requires the use of tools and equipment that can cause injury.  All guests in the studio MUST fill out our waiver of liability before taking part in any studio activities.

When you arrive, your instructor will provide you with safety rules and guidance on how to use the equipment and tools.

There are many great shops, restaurants and bars in the shopping center to visit before or after your experience.

All studios are BYOB for 21+. We suggest bringing cups with lids to keep the mud out of your drink.

While your experience is an hour, there will be times when you are waiting for your class to start, waiting to wash your hands or waiting complete the firing request form. We do our best to start classes on time but it is possible that classes will run over and your class may start a few minutes late.

If you have activities planned after your experience, like dinner reservations, keep in mind you may need to allow an extra 30-45 minutes after your experience. 

When you arrive, you will check in by providing your ticket/QR code. After checking in, you can choose your project and select the tools you want to use to customize your project.

When the class is ready to begin, you and the other attendees will be seated.

Your instructor will provide a safety orientation and a brief introduction to making pottery.

You will then get to roll up you sleeves and get your hands messy with clay while your artist-instructor guides you through the steps of making handmade pottery.

Throwing pottery for the first time isn't easy but it is a fun way to spend time with your significant other, friends and family!  Because pottery takes years to learn, your first project may not turn out exactly like you envisioned.

Classes will also feel like they are moving quickly, so make sure you follow along with your instructors. Overworking the clay weakens the structure and saturates it with water. The longer you work your pottery, the less likely it will survive the process.

Ask questions and don't be afraid to ask for more hands-on help OR less hands-on help with your pottery! The instructors need you to tell them how much hands-on help you want or need during the session.

In some cases, if too much water or not enough water is used, it can collapse.  If your pottery does collapse, don't panic!  You can request a do-over session after your experience.

Come in prepared to have some fun, get messy and if it all works out, you will end up with handmade pottery made by you!

DO NOT LEAVE without completing a Firing Request form.  If you do not complete the form with photos attached, you will not be able to pick up your pottery.

After your experience, pottery will remain in our studio for 2-3+ weeks to dry, prepare and bisque fire. 

Thick pottery may take longer to dry. Pottery that is too thick, too thin or constructed in a manner that creates stress during the drying or firing process may crack, break or explode. 

You will receive an email notification when your project is ready to be picked up or shipped.  If you are picking up your pottery in the studio, you will have 21 days to pick up your pottery. 

Pottery not picked up within 21 days from the notification date will be recycled.