SoSo Profile Tool 2 Pk

$15.50 $17.00

The SoSo profile tool collection is so sophisticated with its structured, squared rings.  The 90 degree angle on rings really enhance the color of flowing glazes.

Try our custom designed profile tools tested in our studio by hundreds of customers each week.  Made for beginners, our tools are designed with a built-in features to help you create something beautiful while you are learning the basics of throwing:

  • Straight side to smooth out lumps and bumps after centering.
  • Notched top to check the rim thickness.
  • Built in foot to keep the bottom of your pottery projects clean.
  • Beautifully designed profiles to give your pottery personality.
Get creative!  You can throw a cylinder with the profile tool.  After applying the design to the outside of the form, you can apply pressure inside to gently widen for a rounder shape like a bowl or vase.