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Smashed Studio Sugar Land

Sugar Land - Fire Your Pottery

Sugar Land - Fire Your Pottery

Thanks for visiting Smashed Clay + Studio.

Let's Get Your Pottery Ready for Firing.

Select added services and take a photo of your pottery before you leave. Be sure to capture any distinguishing features like name, designs or patterns. Photo will be used to help you find your pottery after firing. A photo will be required to pick up pottery.
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Things to Know

How Do I Check the Status of My Pottery?

Pottery takes about 2-3 weeks to dry and fire but can take longer depending on things like thickness of clay, ambient temperatures and other factors.

If you request Glaze by Smash, please add 2 weeks to the initial dry and firing time.

We keep pottery for 3 weeks after it is fired, which is about 45 days from the date of your experience. So it is important to check the status of your pottery.

After you complete this checkout process, you will receive an email and/or text with your order number and a link to check the status. You can use this link to check the status of your order.

How Do I Pick Up My Pottery?

Once your pottery is ready for pick up, stop by the studio during open hours.

Make sure you bring the email you received when you checked out. Your email will contain your name, photos and firing token which will help you identify your pottery in the studio.

An appointment is not needed to pick up and/or glaze pottery but please allow enough time to pull your pottery from our shelves. We fire hundreds of items each week and it can take a minute to spot your pottery.

Pick Up or Glaze?

Once you have your pottery, you can either take it home or apply a lead-free glaze. If you take it home, it will be like a terracotta pot – it will not be food safe but you can use it for decorative purposes.

If you choose to add a glaze, your pottery will need to be glaze fired. You add color and clear glaze in the same session.

Once glazed and fired, your pottery will be dishwasher and microwave safe.