You can check the status of your pottery using the link in the order confirmation email you recieved after your in studio experience.

You will receive an email notification when your pottery is ready to the email address provided when you completed your in studio experience. Once your pottery is ready for pick up, you can drop by the studio and pick it up or add color and glaze it for an additional fee*. Due to limited space in the studio, we cannot store pottery for longer than 3 weeks after it is fired and ready for pick up so please plan to revisit the studio within the 3 weeks of receiving notification that your pottery is ready.

If you or your partner did not receive an order confirmation email containing the photos of your pottery, please contact us via text message as soon as possible so we can provide assistance.

It's important to note that if you did not receive an order confirmation email, you will not receive any notification about your pottery or be able to check the status of your pottery. Your order confirmation email is required to pick up your pottery.